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Genesis-Sabotage--Autographed-PaperbackGenesis Sabotage (Autographed Paperback)
The philosophy book Genesis Sabotage is the first journal in the Guarded Hearts trilogy. Mankind is suffering. No one will deny that, but why? The human mind is in a precarious state of confusion, the result of a biological event that man perpetrated upon men centuries ago. We are each the deliberate victim of an inherited sensory sabotage. This journal introduces the reader to 320 definitive statements that will awaken your consciousness in preparation for the restoration of your genesis being.

The-Abyss--Autographed-PaperbackThe Abyss (Autographed Paperback)

Have you ever asked yourself why human beings are compelled to agree? Is it in our organic human nature to gather in like-minded groups and segregate ourselves from others with dissimilar opinions? Why do we feel the need to call ourselves good or right, believing only we have a firm grasp of the truth, while we label those not like us as bad or wrong? Is it possible that our compulsion to agree is an elaborate man-made control mechanism, rooted in fear?

The-RIP--Mining-the-Subconscious-Artifact--AutographedThe RIP: Mining the Subconscious Artifact (Autographed)

Art is known to be a primary pathway to human emotion which is the fountainhead of individual genesis direct knowing. It generates a universal understanding that we can feel without verbal interference. In RIP, Mr. Beyor combined his ominous original art to show us how psychologically destructive symbols are to our life.

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