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Mr. Beyor has traveled the world, keeping hundreds of introspective journals as to the making of the human condition. Those who know him, some would say that he is an extraordinary man, as he is so devoted to asking the seemingly desperate questions that allude most. Questions that seem quite complicated at first, but later, are easily revealed to be life affirming and obvious given the proper space and perspective. Living truth must begin and end with the feeling direct knowing that we all carry deep within our bio-energy codes. Our bio-energy stream must be awakened. Empowered icon-tyrants fear this awakening. Nevertheless, it is here, it is NOW. We must share it world-wide and we can.

His first book, Reciprocity in Paradox: Mining the Subconscious Artifact, was published in 1997 at the peak of humanity’s last economic “boom”, a very sad period in linear time when he found that readers were less willing to look “inside themselves” than ever before. The seeds of a biological sense dysfunction were becoming very apparent as things “looked good” on the outside but were in a state of decay on the inside as a result of latent self-hate. But WHY?

The Guarded Hearts trilogy is being released during a time of world-wide economic and social downturn. People are sitting up and taking notice of Mr. Beyor’s observations and messages. The writings of this gifted sojourner are shocking and may well issue a necessary social warning that might usher in the next wave of human thought, personal well-being and social re-development. His questions are penetrating, even cutting edge, very heart felt, sincere and uncannily wise. “It is in our biological feeling direct knowing nature to ask WHY we are the way we are when artificial fear, our AI symbolic knowing base, should have never been allowed to be an all or nothing authorized iconic social enemy.”

Mr. Beyor continues in the footsteps of great minds like Immanuel Kant, Ayn Rand, Henry Ford, William Blake, Albert Einstein, Wilhelm Reich, Spinoza and Bruce Lipton. Mr. Beyor is one of the many serious and devoted, thought provoking men of his time, digging at the roots of our long term biologically driven systemic social evil, while thousands waste their precious lives hacking at the illusive dangling branches.


The Abyss

The empowerment of symbols is both our heaven and our construct for hell on earth. It is the abyss. In this, the second journal of the Guarded Hearts trilogy, Mr. Beyor brings us face to face with the original conceptual feelings which most likely gave birth to the warnings in the Bible. THE ABYSS is a journal of perceptional warnings.

Mr. Beyor hands over the key to the reconstruction of individual genesis knowing, which is an innate human right that has been masked by and buried in symbols. The key will awaken our passive direct knowing memory which will reveal the dynamic living truth at the core of your being-ness, activating your full sensory capacity. The Guarded Hearts trilogy will awaken all that you are and give you an understanding of the why of your existence. It will make you real if that is really what you want.

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