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Guarded Hearts Vol I:

Genesis Sabotage

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The philosophy book Genesis Sabotage is the first journal in the Guarded Hearts trilogy. Mankind is suffering. No one will deny that, but why? The human mind is in a precarious state of confusion, the result of a biological event that man perpetrated upon men centuries ago. We are each the deliberate victim of an inherited sensory sabotage. This journal introduces the reader to 320 definitive statements that will awaken your consciousness in preparation for the restoration of your genesis being.

Mr. Beyor encourages us to return to, or rather discover for the first time, our own internal, individual, central voice clarity, defining your own living truth and exposing the lies you have been taught through forced cooperation. This must be done if humanity is to survive. IT BEGINS AND ENDS WITH YOU!

Guarded Hearts Vol II:

The Abyss

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The empowerment of symbols is both our heaven and our construct for hell on earth. It is the abyss. In this, the philosophy book and the second journal of the Guarded Hearts trilogy, Mr. Beyor brings us face to face with the original conceptual feelings which most likely gave birth to the warnings in the Bible. THE ABYSS is a journal of perceptional warnings.

Mr. Beyor hands over the key to the reconstruction of individual genesis knowing, which is an innate human right that has been masked by and buried in symbols. The key will awaken our passive direct knowing memory which will reveal the dynamic living truth at the core of your being-ness, activating your full sensory capacity. The Guarded Hearts trilogy will awaken all that you are and give you an understanding of the why of your existence. It will make you real if that is really what you want.

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Guarded Hearts Vol III:

The Contract with Heaven and Hell

The third philosophy book in this series is due Spring of 2017.


The RIP: Mining the Subconscious Artifact

Art is known to be a primary pathway to human emotion which is the fountainhead of individual genesis direct knowing. It generates a universal understanding that we can feel without verbal interference. In the philosophy book RIP, Mr. Beyor combined his ominous original art to show us how psychologically destructive symbols are to our life.

This book will invoke a genesis event through a multidimensional full-sense experience, folding symbolic words into the art pieces, excavating our latent enhanced descriptive memory. A picture IS worth a thousand words. Mr. Beyor’s 26 art pieces in this book will show you the full scope of his feeling direct knowing capacity. Words and terms are abstracts and the ability to bring them “home” through art is one of his many gifts.

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